Fund Strategies Forum V
Pan European Fund Strategies Forum V

"Fund Strategies in Challenging Times"


Financial Academy

Financial-Academy started its activities in June of 2010 to provide training for professionals in the market from other reputable professionals involved either in the Greek market or in the foreign arena. The goal is to create the appropriate field of training for quick implementation and transfer of knowledge into practice.

Financial-Academy has organized 11 Conferences up to date.

  1. Private Equity Forum October 2010
  2. Gaming & Social Responsibility Forum February 2011
  3. Business Analytics Forum March 2011
  4. Wealth Management Forum II May 2011
  5. Fund Strategies Forum IV November 2011
  6. Investments Forum II December 2011
  7. Business Analytics Forum II April 2012
  8. Wealth Management III May 2012
  9. Private Equity & StartUps Forum II June 2012
  10. Find a College September 2012
  11. Fund Strategies Forum V September 2012

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